Lila’s Garden strives to build relationships with our customers that make menu more colorful, tasty, and memorable.


High Culinary Ideas

A discussion of menu and partnership

We bring samples of microgreens and discuss areas of the menu where they can be used.
We would be honored to help in the menu planning on a forward basis.

We can make 100 different microgreens.

 We have 30 varieties on hand.

We can expand to meet your volume needs.

 We will custom produce specialty microgreens.


Quick Casual Ideas

We Want to Spread the Microgreen Word and Differentiate Your Menu

Are you a hot burger joint?
Are you a specialty bakery?
Are you a creative pizza place?

Do you feed Locavores, Vegans, Raw Foodies, & Certified Heath Nuts?

We want to talk about taking microgreens into new areas of culinary creation and adding them to the tried and true.





Custom Growing Microgreens

Can’t find what you need in Microgreens anywhere? We’ll grow it for you.

Think we haven’t heard of it . . . we are up for the challenge.



Custom Growing
Fine Herbs & Specialty Salads

Do you need something to differentiate your salad mix?
Can you consistently get your hands on key herbs?

We’ll grow it for you 24 / 7 / 365

Pizzas are where we started and we service
Caterers and Fine Food Stores that differentiate for their customers
Succulent Kale and Collards are the most delicious around