My Name Is Lila

 This Is My Story


Lila’s Garden was started as a way for local produce to be grown locally.  We love going to the farmers market and subscribing to our local CSA.  But when we went to the grocery store, we saw produce trucked in from days away.  We thought this could change.

We rolled up our sleeves and started turning our own food-shed local.  We lowered our food miles, and we started to give parents, chefs and institutions a choice to give local fresh product to their customers.  And they responded to their customers.

We are happy to part of the local, fresh, city farming movement.  We believe that the human experiment happens in the city and that it is important to participate in making it better in a fundamental way.  The trucking distance is necessary, for the time being, but we can change that one small step at a time.

From here we grow with the like minded people, companies and institutions that are trying to make food better for everyone.  We take the environment seriously with prototype base consumption buildings, net carbon positive production, net energy positive unit production.  Our team is growing and so are our plants.

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