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Great Tasting Food, Convenient and Super-Healthy

Microgreens are the first two seed leaves of a vegetable plant.  They are all the vegetables that you know:  broccoli, kale, radish, cabbage, rutabaga, kohlrabi, arugula . . . .  We grow all the different heirloom varieties we can get our hands on.  When microgreens are grown well, with open pollinated seed, relaxing music, and dynamic people filling the building with their energy, conversation, and hard work, microgreens taste like they come out of your garden in the summer time.  Your local farmer cares for his field and his harvest, our local farming cares for our plants and our customers.

You can find us on the shelves of your local grocery store’s produce section.  You are welcome to come visit us if you want to make the trip to the mountains of North Carolina or Charlotte.